The long summer break from school has begun, or is near, offering opportunities for rising seniors to visit college campuses, keeping in mind that there are some disadvantages. You probably will not get a good feel for what the student population looks like, and the campus and surrounding area may be very quiet (virtually dead at some schools). Regardless, I think rising juniors should also grab the opportunity to see the differences between small colleges and large universities, urban schools and those in college towns, etc.  

Here are some suggestions for making the most of college tours:
May be obvious – bring a notebook and pen/pencil to record your impressions of each school; if taking notes during the actual tour seems awkward, at least be prepared to capture what struck you (good and bad) about the college in the car afterward

Not so obvious – don’t try to visit more than two campuses in a day, give yourself time to wander before or after your tour, ask questions of students you see (who are likely to be more open and honest than the admission tour guides), and be sure to check out the area surrounding the campus

Make sure to learn as much as you can about what it may be like to live and study here for four years.